Energy-As-A-Service Model

Our energy-as-a-service model is a comprehensive set of solutions that advances decarbonization and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by uniquely eliminating the need for multiple 3rd parties to provide a complete solution. At IonicBlue®, we strategically combine Johnson Controls, the global leader in delivering energy and infrastructure solutions, with Apollo Global Management, a leading, global alternative asset manager, to deliver a total solutions approach that enables our customers to pursue responsible environmental sustainability solutions with a financial vehicle that preserves capital and creates value at the core of your business.

Flexible Models to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Our energy-as-a-service solution provides for performance guarantees, full risk transfer and O&M and lifecycle services from Johnson Controls.  As depicted below, IonicBlue® is responsible for fully integrating a solution adapted to each customer’s unique requirements.  Project modeling creates an information-based process whereby cash flow, EBITDA and valuation are highlighted, and in which the customer can select that solution set and financing option best suited to their needs.  With all risk transferred and a flexible solution identified, the customer is now free to focus on their core competency and revenue generation.

Traditional Model

Energy-as-a-Service Model with Risk Transfer

Benefits of Our Energy-As-A-Service Solution

Take the Next Step


Engage the Experts

Let’s start a discussion around your decarbonization and sustainability goals


Solution Identification

We’ll identify and define specific energy conservation measures and facility improvements that help achieve your goal


Adaptable Financing

We’ll present you with various options, uniquely tailored to your financial position, which increases your energy savings, refocuses CAPEX on your core business, and helps increase EBITDA and valuation.


Getting Started

Following the implementation of an energy services agreement, we will kick-off the design and installation of these energy conservation measures resulting in immediate savings and cash flow improvements

How can IonicBlue® help?

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