About Us

IonicBlue® is a joint venture between Johnson Controls, the global leader in delivering energy and infrastructure solutions, and Apollo Global Management a leading, global alternative asset manager.

We deliver a total solutions approach through the expertise of Johnson Controls and the unmatched ability of Apollo to provide alternative capital solutions. Our combined efforts enable IonicBlue® customers to pursue responsible environmental sustainability solutions with a financial vehicle that preserves capital and creates value at the core of your business.

For more information, please visit both the Apollo and Johnson Controls websites.

What Ionic Blue Provides

A one-stop-shop for turnkey energy and infrastructure solutions leveraging over 135 years of global experience

The widest array of adaptable finance solutions that provides simplified access to capital and the highest loan-to-value financing

Construction, operational and financial risk transfer backed by guaranteed performance, reliability and annual operational savings

Net zero and decarbonization offerings that can be implemented through flexible delivery methods

The Solution that Turns Commitments into Results

We strive to bring customer-centric clarity to the perplexing energy-as-a-service market. Because most providers do not have inherent technology or service solutions capabilities, we structured our offering as a first-in-kind by providing:

  • Performance guarantees that assert proficiency & professionalism
  • Adaptable financing with a high loan-to-value ratio
  • A clear, holistic solutions offering devoid of 3rd party confusion resulting from a lack of an inherent energy efficiency technology & services offering
  • A solution set that improves cash flow, valuation and sustainability

How can IonicBlue® help?

Download our latest 1-page overview here