IonicBlue®  is revolutionizing how organizations create a more sustainable future through decarbonization, increased energy efficiency, and greater energy savings.

The Origins of IonicBlue®

IonicBlue® was formed to bring customer-centric clarity to the rapidly expanding energy-as-a-service market. Because most providers do not have inherent technology or service solutions, we structured our offering as a first-in-kind by providing:

Singular accountability for holistic project execution

Adaptable financing with a high loan-to-value ratio

A single source for all technology and engineering services

A solution set that improves energy efficiency, lowers your carbon footprint and achieves sustainability goals

The Race to Decarbonize

Top Priority

80% of respondents consider sustainability their top business priority ahead of increasing profitability and improving customer experience. This has increased by over 72% in the past 2 years

Demanded by customers and investors

71% of respondents consider the ability to attract customers based on corporate values to be a priority, 63% as part of their value proposition and 55% based on the decision to buy sustainable products

Technology investment is the common focus

75% of respondents consider integrating onsite renewable energy to be a priority, with 70% wanting improved efficiency by upgrading old systems and another 70% wanting to engineer more sustainable operations (70%).

Targets are high and dates are soon

85% of organizations have long term carbon emission or energy reduction goals; 13% are targeting net zero. The average target date for achieving goals is 2024.

Certifications are a central plan

98% of companies plan to pursue a sustainability certification. From the wide range of certifications available globally 70% of respondents are pursuing at least one type of LEED certification.

Challenges relate to measurement abilities

48% of respondents consider Internal alignment on what and how to track as a priority, with 43% considering data to be too siloed, and 39% claiming a lack of in-house expertise.

In a market that is digitally and financially evolving, we are revolutionizing the solution set for our customers!

Take the Next Step


Engage the Experts

Let’s start a discussion around your decarbonization and sustainability goals


Solution Identification

We’ll identify and define specific energy conservation measures and facility improvements that help achieve your goal


Adaptable Financing

We’ll present you with various options, uniquely tailored to your financial position, which increases your energy savings, refocuses CAPEX on your core business, and helps increase EBITDA and valuation.


Getting Started

Following the implementation of an energy services agreement, we will kick-off the design and installation of these energy conservation measures resulting in immediate savings and cash flow improvements


What are the benefits of EaaS?

Partnering with an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) provider like IonicBlue is an idea that every corporate department can get behind –

How Does Energy-As-A-Service Work?

At IonicBlue, we help our customers pursue comprehensive energy efficiency solutions that save money, improve infrastructure, and significantly advance

How can IonicBlue® help?

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